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Please contact this number 03-89471990

Kindly be informed that Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) phone number with prefix 03-8946 and 03-8947 has been terminated from July 1, 2019. This action is based on the following justification:

1. Installation of new set of phones with prefix 03-9769 (hardphone & softphone) at each PTJ which began on 17 August 2018, was completed on 29 March 2019. Briefing and guidance to the staff was implemented during the installation process.
2. Damage to the Ericsson MD110 PABX System that supports online service 8946xxxx (35 years old) and not economical to repair.
3. Damage Cisco Call Manager Server that supports online service 8947xxxx (12 years old), has suffered damage and can not be repaired.

Informed that all eligible staff are supplied with their own phone number can install Putracomm softphone applications on their respective smartphones. This phone number will stay with the staff until the service is over and brought together when moving to the Department or Responsibility Center (PTJ) at UPM. Only online links with PTJ only will stay local like Dean's number, Director, Head of Department and so on.

Given the current financial allocation constraints, limited set of telephone sets (hard-wired) are limited. Therefore, the JPU has agreed that not all staff will be provided with the desk set and the distribution should be based on the priority and importance of the following duties:

• PTJ Management
• Secretary / Assistant Secretary / Administrative Assistant
• Administrative / Financial Staff
• Customer Counter
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In the event of any inquiries or requirements from PTJ to provide technical briefings / briefings to the staff at PTJ, please contact:

Tuan Haji Rusli Ahmad (03-9769 1101 / arusli@upm.edu.my) or En. Nik Mohd Yusri Nik Harun (03-9769 1917 / mohdyusri@upm.edu.my).

All inconvenience is deeply regretted.
Thank you.

7 October 2019 - ISMS Audit at InfoComm Development Centre)(iDEC), UPM

Please take these actions to ensure its proper functionality.

1. Turn-off Battery Optimisation to enable apps operational in the background
2. Enable App Notifications
3. App Permission to access Camera, Phone, Microphone, Contacts, Storage

4. Go to setting>preferences>other> enable start application after boot

The InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) has activated the Microsoft 365 A3 for Faculty License for the use of all UPM staff.

Among the facilities provided are software installations listed on the following portals:

1. https://portal.office.com
For Microsoft Office Product software please refer to: USER MANUAL OFFICE 365

2. https: //aka.ms/devtoolsforteaching
For the FREE Microsoft Office Product software please refer to: MICROSOFT AZURE DEV TOOLS FOR UPM STAFF

Dear All,

This is to inform you that further to the findings of the ISMS Surveillance Audit, the password management of UPM-ID users shall be strictly enforced to comply with the guideline that has been drawn up.  UPM-ID users must ensure that the password used comply to the combination criteria as follows:-

  1. Have at least 8 characters and a maximum of 40 characters in length; AND
  2. Have at least one (1) uppercase character; AND
  3. Have at least one (1) lower case character; AND
  4. Have at least one (1) numerical character; AND
  5. Have NO whitespace.
  6. Use of special character is RECOMMENDED.


User are also requested to take note of the FOLLOWING::-

  1. Users who are currently using passwords that do not comply with the combination criteria are given till 6th December 2019 to change their password
  2. After 6 December 2019, implementation shall be enforced in the UPM-ID page to ensure users’ password comply with the combination criteria.
  3. Access the UPM-ID portal for staff (https://upm-id.upm.edu.my/staff) or for students (https://upm-id.upm.edu.my/student)

Welcome to Mr. En. 'Afif Amaluddin bin Anas, a new Computer Technician at the InfoComm Development (iDEC), Universiti Putra Malaysia.





 Welcome to Miss Norhayati Rasmi, a new Assisstant Information Technology Officer at the InfoComm Development (iDEC), Universiti Putra Malaysia.






As of February 1, 2020, the InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) has implemented restructuring in which:

  1. Changes to the Application Development Division (BPA) (addition of staff and tasks for Application Maintenance)
  2. Changes to the Application Operations Division (BOA) (staff reductions and no Application Maintenance tasks)
  3. Changes to the User Support Division (BSP) (Closing of Biotechnology and Environment ICT Section and staff placement changes)


(iDEC 2020 Chart)

Sadly informed that Hajah Hamidah binti Meseran, Head of User Support Division, InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) passed away on March 11, 2020, at 5.55pm.
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