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UTHM : MyUTHM Mobile Apps: Requirements and Challenges

The advent of Mobile Apps technology has greatly influenced the access and delivery of information today. The development of UTHM Mobile Apps, known as MyUTHM, took place as early as 2016 with the advent of the Digital Campus Initiative. MyUTHM is seen as something that is relevant and can meet the needs of the university community without exposing the university to the digital world.

In line with these requirements, a team was formed in February 2017 to conduct research on the technology, skills and infrastructure needs to realize MyUTHM. The team involves a variety of internal expertise to look at different angles so that there is nothing to overlook before taking further steps. External expertise is considered as the second view to complement the findings of the study to ensure that MyUTHM is able to grow and advance in the current flow of mobile apps technology.

The Information Technology Center is taking the first step in developing MyUTHM by exploring the plans it has created. Beginning 2018, the development team is formed and supplied with basic mobile apps development training. These selected staff are exploring deeper developmental approvals as development takes place. To further develop the knowledge of development to other staff, training was conducted internally in the concept of transfer knowledge.

The development of MyUTHM is in the process of continuing with the management urge, so in the fourth quarter of 2018 we see the official birth of MyUTHM. Various access requirements and distribution information of UTHM staff are available at MyUTHM. Widespread use has a positive impact on the response of many parties. Development of additional modules is ongoing.

In the second quarter of 2019, MyUTHM has expanded its reach to students. Today, the majority of UTHM citizens have been able to use MyUTHM for access and dissemination of information for any purpose. Of course, MyUTHM is also available for use in addition to these groups with the Guest access to UTHM's general information.

In conclusion, MyUTHM meets the basic needs of the majority of universities in accessing and disseminating information. The use of MyUTHM is seen as a key step in the smooth running of university management towards Smart Campus. As such, the Information Technology Center is always ready in many ways to ensure that the needs of the university are met from time to time. (Muhamad Rais bin Abd. Halim, Tun Hussein Onn University Malaysia)


Biodata :

Ts. Muhamad Rais bin Abd Halim is Head of Web and Training Unit at the Center for Information Technology, University of Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). As Deputy Chief Information Technology Officer, he is a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) (2016) from Tun Hussein Onn University Malaysia and Bachelor of Computer Science (2001), University of Technology Malaysia.

Member of the Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT) for Graduate Technology (06/12/2018 - 31/12/2019) and Professional Technology (24/04/2019 - 23/04/2020). 18 years experience teaching various courses at various universities at Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).

Has produced several books titled PHP & MySQL Learn, Advanced 9 Blogspot Applications and Basic & Medium PHP & MySQL. He has also published a journal entitled "Web Transcript Verification Using Check Digit As Secure Number" in the Journal Of Telecommunication.

Prior to holding the portfolio as Head of Web and Training Unit, he served in various units including Student Information System Unit, Online Application Development Unit and Graphics & Multimedia Unit. He is currently involved in the Mobile Development Task Force and as the Secretariat of the UTHM Responsibility Center Web site.

In addition to her professional duties, she has also served as a consultant, lecturer and public service to several national and international agencies. He has also served as a supervisor for several students who conducted industry training, final year projects and student mobility programs throughout 2005 to date.

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