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Smart Campus Inisiative - Putra®Virtual ID (Putra®VID)

The use of a student card as a personal identification is a method practiced by all universities including UPM in the past. Developments in ICT technology include the concept of IoT-based applications (Internet of Things), enabling user identity to be managed and verified online without the use of physical cards.

The advent of advanced and secure virtual card technology coupled with a wealth of value-added applications can support the adoption of the increasingly popular IoT-based applications With university-wide ICT infrastructure & infrastructure and internet networks, it enables UPM to leverage the use of digital student cards.

As the ICT technology evolves, UPM introduces the use of online student identity cards to replace existing student cards at the 2018/2019 admission session. The virtual card, known as Putra® Virtual ID or Putra®VID, uses smartphone-based environment (Android and iOS) applications and websites, and comes with an identity recognition control system using QR code technology. Putra®VID is a virtual identity card identity student complete with information such as name, picture, student identification number and program of study.

As an IoT-based smart application, PutraVID is equipped with a QR code key aimed at improving the efficiency and security of its use in dealing with students on and off campus. Students will use Putra® Virtual ID (Putra®VID) for identification when interacting with all campus facilities such as ICT application access, university verification, college access, library services, bus services, college attendance verification, use of other infrastructure facilities and etc.

Putra® Virtual ID or Putra®VID is UPM's first step in realizing a smart campus aimed at improving the quality of service delivered to students. Through the introduction of virtual identity based on QR code key technology, it is the catalyst for application development or other infrastructure which can facilitate the delivery of services such as development of cashless payments such as epay or ewallet, college attendance and university activities, book borrowing in libraries without lending counters, student college management, examination management and various university-related services to students (Mohd Faizal Daud, Universiti Putra Malaysia).


Biodata :

 Mohd Faizal Daud is the Deputy Director (ICT Service) of the InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). He is responsible for ICT services involving campus Computer Networks (UPMNet), Data Centers & server services, ICT security, telecommunications, application development & operations and ICT consulting.

Has 27 years of experience as an information technology officer, with 17 years as an information technology manager responsible for UPM's ICT services and policies.

He has expertise in several areas of ICT such as computer network design, server development including the use of Cloud Virtualization Server technology, development & management of Data Centers, HotSpot Wifi infrastructure design, development of Unifield Communication technology-based telephone systems as well as policy formulation or ICT policy.

Has led the team that successfully implemented UPM's ISO Information Management System (ISMS) for 5 years, as the Deputy Vice President. Involved in many university ICT projects in various fields such as UPM computer network development (UPMNet). Development involves 20 thousand users, Data Centers, PutraCloud projects, Cloud Virtualization Server, Campus HotSpot Wifi infrastructure involving 2000 Wireless Access Point (AP), Internet Over Power Line and more.

Has been a consultant and consultant to various UPM ICT development and operations projects and has been trusted to consult with several UPM external ICT projects, such as the Malaysian Prison Department, IRB, RTM, TNB, KPT, KPM, and PTPTN.

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