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UNIMAS : Smart Research Management (iRIS)

iRIS is an efficient and user-friendly integrated system which offers a complete end-to-end solution for grant and research management. It features a complete research life-cycle management which consists of modules that cater for grant application, research monitoring, progress reporting, publication, conference, intellectual property and commercialization management.

Different grant type requires a different set of information and approval process. There is a need to comply with grant requirement especially grant from regulated sector. The process also involves interaction by multiple parties with different roles and access level. During the research life-cycle, it is difficult to keep up-to-date for any important task or pending action. It is difficult to quickly produce accurate statistics across different grant type and set of data to assist in decision making process. There is also data requirement for various parties in which the institution is required to submit. It is resource and time consuming task to produce evidence and approval data for auditing purpose.

To address the issues, iRIS was designed with flexible process flow and dynamic configuration which can be adjusted to suit institution's requirement. It offers dynamic control for grant application and project's KPI monitoring. The access control is configurable and allows interaction between researchers, grant administrators and other parties contextually. Notification features will keep the user up-to-date of their research activities and pending task. To assist in higher level decision making, iRIS provides dashboard feature to produce statistics across multiple dataset. iRIS also capable to automatically generate reports and export data for various parties. iRIS store comprehensive approval data of the involved process for audit tracking.

As a result, there is a significant improvement in the efficiency of the process. Real-time monitoring can be done efficiently anytime, anywhere from any device. It is also cost and time saving as the process can be done quickly with fewer human resource. As the process is paperless, it is also environment friendly. Verification through various approval stages and review process ensures the integrity and the accuracy of the data. The approval process within grant application and research lifecycle can be tracked easily for auditing purpose. Data required for different parties such as MyMohes, MyRA and SETARA can be produced quickly and easily with built-in reporting tools. Better decision can be made through comprehensive and accurate statistical analysis from the dashboard.

Research grant management requires a great effort to ensure the information is accurate and always up-to-date. With iRIS, research grant management can be performed efficiently and effectively. It also contributes to the significant saving on time, resource and cost. Moreover, the focus on data accuracy will ensure the transparency and integrity of the process involved.


Biodata :

Mr. Razif bin Baital @ Latif serves as the Head of the Academic Support Application Unit at the Information Technology Development and Services Center (CITDS), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). A native of Sarawak, he has served UNIMAS for 5 years. He has expertise in web stack development as well as Architecture and Architecture Systems and focuses on research application management.

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