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UPM Digitization Plan 2021-2025

The Infocomm Development Center (iDEC, Universiti Putra Malaysia is responsible for planning, developing and implementing ICT activities and projects in line with its mission, which is to "Develop and strengthen teaching, research and administration systems through the provision of information and technology systems in a wide and comprehensive manner". Plan UPM Digitization 2021-2025 has been prepared in line with the Public Sector Digitization Plan 2021-2025 and in line with the UPM Strategic Plan 2021-2025 as well as the UPM Vice Chancellor's Narrative.

It consists of 5 main categories namely:

  • Policies, Policies and Guidelines
  • Infrastructure
  • Infostructure
  • Smart Campus
  • Continuity of Service


Date of Input: 18/09/2023 | Updated: 18/09/2023 | nazlina


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