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Types of Computer

Computers are the facilities used in the majority of today's tasks. As you know, the computer has a microprocessor inside and other external hardware that complements it, a mouse, keyboard and other cables. For your information, here are ten (10) types of computers to know:


  1. PERSONAL COMPUTER (PC) - otherwise known as a personal computer built for personal use. Mac is also a hardware in this category
  2. DESKTOP - a computer that cannot be carried as a mobile device on which it is located in one place. It comes with the advantage of storage, much lower prices than laptops or laptops
  3. LAPTOP - also known as a laptop is a portable computer that can be carried anywhere. Components like screens, keyboards, processors are included.
  4. NETBOOK - is an ultra-portable computer that is smaller than a regular laptop and costs less. However, its components are less powerful compared to laptops. Its use is not that great when compared to ordinary laptops.
  5. PDA - Personal Digital Assistant is a computer that integrates and uses flash memory from a hard drive for data storage. Has no keyboard but uses touch technology. It's physically smaller (slightly larger than a novel), lightweight and comes with battery life.
  6. WORKSTATION - a computer with a stronger processor, additional memory and enhanced capabilities to perform 3D graphics-related tasks or online games.
  7. SERVER - it is a computer that can provide services to other computers over the network. It comes with a powerful processor, memory and a large hard drive.
  8. MAINFRAME - it's a computer used for issues that are limited by input / output and used for large companies that carry out transactions on a daily basis.
  9. SUPERCOMPUTER - commonly used for problems limited by speed of calculation and for complex calculations that occur in memory
  10. WEARABLE COMPUTER - or wearable computer with common computer applications (email, calendar) integrated into your watch and more


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