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Sharing Smart Campus Initiatives in conjunction with PPICT2019

The explosion of the country's transformation to Industry 4.0 has led the institution of HEIs to build excellent knowledge towers, not only relying on their human resources alone, but engaging in ICT transformations that test the credibility and wisdom of all resources within an institution to meet the demands of smart campus technology. These factors include the involvement of ICT ICT administrators who lead and administer ICT services in ensuring the functioning of the HEIs.

Organizing the University ICT Administrative Conference 2019 (PPICT2019) is a strategic platform to provide ICT administrators the opportunity to share the best experience, research and initiative in implementing and managing the 'Smart Campus' in line with the transformation needs of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 .

The "Smart Campus" initiative sharing session was part of the PPICT2019 inauguration held from July 31 to August 2, 2019. Initiatives, methods and concepts have been presented and shared to provide exposure at the agency level.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has presented four (4) partners titled Putra Virtual ID (Putra VID), Cashless Payment and Digital Certification Using Blockchain Technology, Dynamic Collaborative Workplaces for Smart Campuses and Associated Identities: "The Missing Link" in Smart Campus Area. Presenters of UPN's Universiti Malaysia Sarawak have submitted two (2) titles, The Use of QR Technology For Staff and Student Attendance, and Commercialization Strategy and Smart Research Management (iRIS). Islamic University of Malaysia (USIM) has adopted the concept of CloudDesk Virtualization System in computer labs. Cashless Campus and UTeM Unified Communication (UC) are the topics shared during PPICT2019 from the Technical University of Malacca (UTeM). The University of Multimedia (MMU) has also presented the Smart Class Initiative and has also shown video of the equipment in the classroom or laboratory. Representatives from Tun Hussein Onn University Malaysia (UTHM) shared a presentation on the needs and challenges of MyUTHM Mobile Apps. The final presentation was from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) entitled Knowledge Sharing and Smart Campus Directions at USM.
The full list of presentations of this sharing session is as follows :



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