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Scheme F Job Description

Job Description (JD) is a document that explains the purpose of the creation of a job taking into account the components of accountability, dimensions and competencies required for a job in an organization. This is in line with the objective of a job that is basically created based on the rate for the job. Clear and specific accountability can help a person to carry out their tasks more effectively, in proportion to the assigned job grades. JD can help to translate the results of a particular task more clearly in line with the goals of the agency.

1. General information is information that describes the position of officer. It also describes the required and expected grade grades.

2. Purpose of Job Creation Explains the need / justification of a job in general in a statement that covers overall accountability. The purpose of the appointment can also be identified by reference to the organization chart and the function chart of an agency. It consists of three (3) phrases:

    Verb (A word used to describe an act that can determine the complexity of a job for a grade level. A supervisor should not have the same verb as his supervisor because each grade has a different task complexity)

    Object (A series of words after a verb that refer to who or what. Object describes the function of the job / product / service performed by a job)

    Outcome (Output or Outcome refers to the expectation of income that needs to be achieved in performing a task)

3. Accountability is the primary responsibility of a given task and can provide the revenue to achieve the purpose of the creation of an office.

4. The main task refers to the list of key tasks identified that can meet the specified accountability.

5. Dimensions refers to the parameters / scale and number of job function scopes for a job. Parameters / scales and quantities are specific to the relevant office and are based on the scale of the supervision of the relevant post only. Determination of dimensions is different from Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Annual Work Goals (SKTs).

6. Academic eligibility refers to the minimum eligibility required by an officer to hold a position as provided in the terms of appointment of a service scheme. Overview refers to additional eligibility allocated to certain service schemes. (Ex: Accountant - Malaysian Association of Certified Public Accountants)

7. Individual Skills / Criteria refers to the skills / criteria required by an officer to hold a position. For positions in the form of joint service, cadre, open and temporary lending / exchange or any other office deemed appropriate by the Head of Department and / or The Head of Service, the experience criteria and the individual criteria developed in the Job Description do not prevent any incumbent from meeting the criteria for placement. However, the Head of Department and / or Head of Service may assign any form of development or training to the incumbent to meet any of these criteria.

8. Experience is the minimum time required to perform a function in that position. The duration of experience should be realistic with the grade of the job, not with reference to the current tenure of service

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