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National Internet Of Things (IoT) Strategic Roadmap

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The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is an evolution of Internet technology where objects (things) are capable of sending data using devices via the Internet to generate information and new knowledge, which then give added value in enhancing productivity and quality of life. 



Gartner, a leading consultation and research company in ICT, predicted that the IoT technology will generate economic opportunities of RM890 billion globally and increasing in value to RM6,100 billion by 2020. It is estimated that the IoT will grow at a rate of 34.1 percent per annum in the Asia Pacific region to RM203 billion by 2020. 

Malaysia is at an excellent position to seize the economic opportunities generated by the IoT. The broadband Internet and cellular penetration rate is at 67.8 percent and 145 percent respectively; established Electric and Electronics (E&E) and telecommunication sectors, strong foundations of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME); and implementation of various Governmental innovation initiatives will become the basis in facilitating the implementation of IoT initiatives.


Problem Statement

The major constraints that impede the growth of the national IoT industry are the lack of a comprehensive IoT ecosystem, no standardisation in technologies of the present day IoT components and concerns on the level of security and privacy in the country.



The National IoT Roadmap aims to realise the vision of Malaysia as the Premier Regional IoT development hub with the mission of creating a national ecosystem to enable the proliferation of use and industrialisation of lot as a new source of growth for the national economy. The IoT industry is expected to contribute RM9.5 billion to the gross national income of Malaysia by 2020 and RM42.5 billion by 2025;

There are three main goals for the implementation of the National IoT Strategic Roadmap: 

  1. Create a conducive IoT industry ecosystem to stimulate the smooth implementation of IoT technology
  2. Strengthen technopreneur abilities and capabilities in Apps and services development based on IoT technology 
  3. Develop Malaysia as the Premier Regional IoT Development Hub 



In order to ensure the targeted objectives can be fully achieved, this roadmap defines five strategies which are: 

  1. Create capability and ability enhancement programmes for local SME technopreneur companies through exposure to IoT technology, brainstorming sessions and scheduled experience sharing sessions  
  2. Implement pilot projects in line with the various existing national initiatives and to be made as development and implementation model for the IoT technology
  3. Establish ‘IoT Malaysia’, as Community of Practice, which consists of stakeholders in the IoT-based industry, with the aim of enhancing industry performance, developing human capital and to act as agent in promoting the IoT ecosystem
  4. Develop an Open Innovation Framework to standardise differences in IoT technology through development of technological components, and thus strengthening the competitiveness of local technopreneurs by minimising the complexities of technology and boosting innovation based on a heterogeneous system 
  5. Organise and develop an IoT Open Community Data Framework to facilitate information sharing between industries and users towards enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of society. 



This roadmap plan is in line with existing policies and initiatives such as the National ICT Strategic Roadmap (2012-2020), Digital Malaysia initiative, Digital Lifestyle Malaysia and Industry4WRD 2018-2025, and deliver positive contribution to Malaysia’s economic development. 



To-date, there are more than 100 IoT solution applications developed by Malaysian technopreneurs; and they are being used or adopted by the public and private sectors across various fields including agriculture, transport and the retail business. 



There are more than 15 centres that provide technical support to the public and private sectors in support of IoT development in Malaysia. 


Way Forward  

  1. Strategic collaboration with Malaysian IoT players in developing IoT applications with the aim of strengthening the Malaysian IoT ecosystem towards the realisation of Malaysia as a Regional IoT development hub and to expand the adoption of IoT technology
  2. Encourage the use of IoT technology to act as a catalyst in making government initiatives a success (e.g.: National Industry 4.0 Policy framework, National e-Trade Strategic Roadmap, etc) 
  3. Strengthen the competitiveness and infrastructure of Malaysian IoT ecosystem. 


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