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Business Needs Study (BRS) - Civil Sector Application System Engineering

Business Needs Study

Introduction Business needs study is a basic activity that needs to be implemented to understand the direction and objectives of the organization, identify business needs and scope that needs to be covered for the purpose of application system development. This needs study is guided by the organizational business model.

The main activities involved in the study of business needs are as follows:
a) Determination of Business Needs
b) Business Functional Modeling
c) Business Process Modeling


Determining Business Needs

This activity is to ensure that the necessary systems can meet the business needs of the organization. Information related to business needs can be obtained from various sources such as interview notes, written rules and procedures, current system documentation, reports, forms and existing workflows. All such information is gathered to understand further functional needs.


  • Gather information related to business needs
  • Identify and understand the direction of the business that drives what and how the business process is done


Business Functional Modeling

Business Function Modeling is a technique to identify the functions that are and will be carried out by the organization. This technique produces an organizational business function model to the users represented in the form of a business function hierarchy.


  • Identify the functions performed to achieve business objectives
  • Produce an accurate functional model and meet the needs of an organization


Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is a technique used to develop a Business Process Model. The business process model presented through the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) describes how the combination of different activities supports a single business process. PFD describes the complexity and arrangement of business activities carried out either sequentially, in parallel or simultaneously. Each activity that has been plotted in the diagram will be detailed in the Business Function Activity Definition table.


  • Produce PFD to-be based on the Basic Functions that have been identified in the Business Function Modeling
  • Provides Business Function Activity Definitions that further detail the description of each activity contained in the PFD

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