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Transformation of Human Resource Applications of the Registrar's Office towards Digitization


SERDANG, 27 Januari 2022 :The Registrar's Office in collaboration with the Infocomm Development Center (IDEC) has successfully developed the HRPortal System which is the main pulse for human resource management at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). It is a structured and integrated portal as well as a combination of various systems in the Registrar's Office in supporting the staffing cycle starting from the process of planning, appointment, employment, placement, promotion, exchange and retirement/termination of service. The transformation process involves 3 phases of development comprising 58 systems/processes developed internally by the Application Development Division, Infocomm Development Center (iDEC).

The transformation implemented is geared towards digitization for every work process in human resource management at UPM, in line with the recommendation of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia that all Public Institutions of Higher Learning implement full digitization in providing services to customers.

The submission of the Human Resource Application Transformation project Phase 1 & Phase 2 involving 38 systems/processes was completed by Ts. Karmizan Binti Zawawi as Project Manager to YBhg. Encik Muhazam Bin Mansor Registrar of UPM in the Board Room, 1st Floor, Putra Chancellery Building, UPM. Also present at the ceremony was Pn. Suhana Md Chairi, Head of the Human Resources Division of the Registrar's Office. The members of the system development team involved consisted of 4 Assistant Information Technology Officers and 5 Information Technology Officers led by Ts. Karmizan Binti Zawawi.

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