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Tips to Become an Emcee

SERDANG, February 6, 2020: Having the talent of being a Master of Ceremony @ Master of Ceremony (Emcee) gives someone an edge. An event, activity or program would not be complete without an Emcee. While it is not an easy task to become an Emcee, some tips need to be followed to ensure the smooth running of the program.

The confidence, the courage, and the willingness to accept criticism and mistakes are essential to becoming an efficient Emcee. While fear, shame and nervousness are attitudes that should be avoided. In addition to the existing skills or talents, it can also be nurtured by increasing the frequency of becoming an Emcee while attending related courses. To be honest, this attitude should not only be necessary as a an Emcee but can be practiced in activities that involve us giving briefings, opinions or views at meetings and so on.

The council is categorized into two: formal / formal or informal / informal. The review needs to be carried out to make the preparation possible.

Some preparations (as Council Advocates) need to be made before the event:

(1) Program information - need to obtain as much information as possible about the program as well as the attendee objectives and categories.
(2) Text preparation - a selection of words or sentences that fit the concept of the event and category of audience.
(3) Rehearsal - to get a better feel of the event, it is advisable to practice before the actual event (for formal / formal occasions).
(4) Test audio visual aids - ensure sound strength and suitability when using audio visual aids.
(5) Energy - need to ensure sufficient energy until the end of the event or program.
(6) Vocabulary Enrichment - ensuring that speech and words as stated in Article (2) can be implemented more effectively.

Things to avoid:

(1) Fear and shame.
(2) Misuse of words.
(3) Repeat the same sentence frequently.
(4) Speak quickly.
(5) Too attached to script.
(6) Open your own ward (example: inform that you are an Emcee or this is your first time as an Emcee).

An Emcee must have his / her own identity / trademark. This is important and can be especially helpful in case of unforeseen events during the event. In addition, you should also use the appropriate tagline, be sure to attract participants to the end of the event and successfully leave a message and remain in the audience's memory.

Date of Input: 12/02/2020 | Updated: 11/03/2020 | nazlina


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