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The simpler Google Form, the faster the E-certificate


UPM Serdang, 28 October 2021: Google Form is an application that is part of the free web -based Google Document Editor suite offered by Google. How can it be used in daily tasks as a staff at Universiti Putra Malaysia? Whether you are an academic officer, management officer and professional or executor, this application makes it easy to get the necessary feedback.

Google Forms are widely used to obtain research -related feedback, staff or student information, customer satisfaction surveys, service evaluations and training. Comes with a list of responses in Google Sheet format, users will be able to save the list in Excel format if downloaded to a computer.

Each course or training held, requires a certificate in the form of a soft copy (softcopy) as proof of attendance and completion of the course. The use of add-ons in Google Sheets allows the secretariat to prepare certificates online. There are several add-on options for setting up e-certificates. This time, the instructor shared how to use Autocrat.

Hopefully the course benefits all participants and can be applied in assignments.

Date of Input: 17/12/2021 | Updated: 17/12/2021 | nazlina


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