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Taklimat dan Gotong-Royong (Siri 2) EKSA

Serdang, 29 July 2022 : Universiti Putra Malaysia which consists of Divisions, Centers, Academies, Faculties and Institutes is implementing the EKSA program. Evaluation with several criteria is a mandatory condition to be consulted and complied with by all Responsibility Centers (PTJ). The Infocomm Development (iDEC) is also in the process of implementing the EKSA program and started with the workplace getong-royong (workstation) activities.

Each space will be evaluated, the practice of always being neat and clean must be practiced and is the best culture not only during evaluation. The cooperation of all iDEC staff is required so that all spaces in the office are in a comfortable and clean condition.

The briefing on EKSA was delivered by Madam Nurainakmal binti Kamal Bahrin, who is the EKSA facilitator of Universiti Putra Malaysia. A lot of information has been received and will be used as a guide for all EKSA Committees and Executives at iDEC.

Date of Input: 31/07/2022 | Updated: 08/08/2022 | nazlina


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