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REFTApp : Service Innovation Competition 2017

Serdang, October 24, 2017. The presentation of the Service Innovation Award in conjunction with the UPM Service Quality and Innovation Day (HKIP) 2017 was held at Mini Auditorium 1, Level 3, Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Research & Innovation). Twelve groups presented their innovation product and have been judged by three jurors.

REFTApp is a collection of standard document templates applicable to the whole application system development life cycle (SDLC) ie from the User Requirement Phase phase to the Project Delivery phase. The use of this REFTApp aims to streamline the technical understanding for both the users and application developers which will ease the application system development process in UPM. REFTApp consists of a set of technical documents which are standardized in its technical content and the method of preparation of each document.

The objective of the innovation:

  1. Ensuring that the KPI's ICT Development KPI target is achieved, which is 85% of application system development applications implemented within the agreed period.
  2. Facilitate the process of providing system specification requirements by system applicants.
  3. Ensure that the application system development projects is managed more systematically.
  4. Ensuring the needs of users are analyzed more accurately.
  5. Ensure the technical documents provided are more comprehensive and effective.
  6. Ensure the technical staff of iDEC can relate all the technical documents produced with the entire application system development process (SDLC).
  7. Ensure the uniformity of technical aspects of application system developers.


The REFTApp's Pawns consists of ten (10) Information Technology Officers from the Application Development Division (BPA) and the Application Operations Division (BOA). REFTApp's Pawns is the driving force that initiates the first step in implementing among iDEC's BPA system developers. Competition results will be announced during the Service Quality and Innovation Day Celebration (HKIP) on 10th  November 2017.

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