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Monitor risk through PutraRISK - ERTCOVID19


SERDANG: The development of a new web-based risk management application known as UPM's ERTCOVID-19 Risk Management System (PutraRISK - ERTCOVID19) is designed for the use of all university staff and students including the Bintulu campus, Sarawak.

The level of UPM residents' risk for the COVID-19 outbreak is monitored periodically by recording information about the signs and symptoms of the outbreak through the application.

The InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) is proud to have developed this application in collaboration with the Office of Occupational Safety and Health Management, UPM Health Center, Community Health Department, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and UPM Teaching Hospital.

The results of each level of risk can be viewed through this app and it is constantly updated and the current monitoring of staff and students is based on a new, government-gazetted cluster. There are three levels of risk identified: High Risk (red), Medium (yellow), and Low (green) with each having specific control measures.

Each UPM citizen is responsible for implementing control measures based on their level of risk and the results of the analysis will indicate the level of risk. The availability of this data will help the administration develop relevant mitigation strategies.

Daily results of the COVID-19 risk management report will be presented at the Emergency Action Committee Meeting or better known as the UPM ERT chaired by Vice-Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Aini Ideris acting as the Incident Commander.

The UPM ERT Committee is always working to keep campus risks low. Maintaining a low level of risk is crucial for university activities to continue in the new normal.

Structured and structured risk management from the beginning facilitates immediate and effective action to be taken across the university campus to address the COVID-19 outbreak.

Date of Input: 28/05/2020 | Updated: 28/05/2020 | nazlina


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