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Leisure Helps to Avoid Stress at Work

15 February 2023, Serdang: The Application Development Division (BPA), iDEC held a futsal game to enliven the UPM Sports and Leisure Day Celebration held through the BPA: Jom Sihat 2 program (1/2023). The game was conducted according to the male and female categories and was held at the IOI Sport Center and was attended by a total of 47 BPA staff. The program started with a warm-up event led by Coach Eddy and continued with a category competition for the Red and Blue teams. The Futsal competition for the women's category was won by the Blue team. The Jom Sihat program is a program specially designed for BPA staff to strengthen team spirit and strengthen friendships as well as help avoid stress at work. This program is scheduled to be implemented 4 times a year with various sports and leisure activities.


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Ts. Juraidah Mohamad Amin
Ketua Bahagian Pembangunan Aplikasi

Date of Input: 22/02/2023 | Updated: 22/02/2023 | zalaz


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