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Internal Audit - 5S Practices and Programs

iDEC 5S Practice and Programme Committee will implement Gotong-Royong 2018. The Gotong-royong was conducted in preparation for the 5S Practices and Programming Audit to be held in August 2018 to win the Workplace Environmental Quality Award. As a courtesy, the 5S Practical Appraisal and Practice Audit scores also affect the scoring for the Star Rating Management Rating Awards.

Briefing and mutual cooperation will be held on the following date:

  • Date: August 3, 2018 (Friday)
  • Time: 8.30am
  • Location of Briefing: iDEC Gamma's
  • Room Gotong-royong Location: All 5S Zones (Alpha Buildings, Gamma, Sigma, Beta)


To that end, all iDEC staff are invited and asked to attend briefings and participate in mutual-aid activities. All 5S Zone Leaders (Alpha Builders, Gamma, Sigma, Beta) are required to notify this activity to all staff in their respective buildings.

5S Zone Head:

  1. Mrs. Hashimah Amat Sejani (Alpha)
  2. Mrs. Zainab Abdul Rahman (Gamma)
  3. Mrs. Maziah Alis @ Alias ​​(Sigma)
  4. Mr. Arman Kamari (Beta)


Further information and programs are as in the attached poster. The smoothness and success of this activity depends on the cooperation and commitment of all iDEC staff. Thanks to the cooperation, it is preceded by thanks.

Secretary of the iDEC 5S Practice and Programme Committee

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