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iFORCE : BANK IDEA - Creative Idea Management System


BANK IDEA : Creative Idea Management System

Serdang, 24 October 2017. IFORCE Group from the Infocomm Development Center (iDEC) has participated in the Service Innovation Award competition which took place at the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Research & Innovation).

iFORCE comprising 5 iDEC staffs presented a project titled BANK IDEA: Creative Idea Management System. The members of the group consist of En. Mohd Rizal bin Mohd Khanafie, Mr. Aidah Ngatiman, Mrs. Huda binti Khairuddin, Mrs. Rosnizah Mohamad Basri and Mrs. Zanariyah Tohari.

The main purpose of BANK IDEA is to get creative ideas to improve the quality and effectiveness of iDEC services. It also encourages iDEC staff to provide creative ideas as well as a one-stop center for collecting and managing creative ideas. This system is integrated with UPM-ID for access control purposes and facilitates staff to send ideas. The ideas sent will be included in the database along with staff information and the date the idea was sent. The idea that has been submitted is automatically registered in the name of the idea and date of receipt by the system as evidence that the idea has been sent and received. In addition to being a place for creative idea-gathering, this IDEA BANK can also be used as a place of reference and search of creative ideas that have been transmitted. Staff can search ideas easily by keywords. The Management also sees the ideas sent to improve service quality.

The system is also available with a competition module where it can serve as a platform of competitions involving creative ideas such as their theme competition and service innovation idea competition. This IDEA BANK can be extended to all PTJs in UPM. It has been fully operational at http://bankidea.upm.edu.my.


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