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Read@Uni Final Assessment, October 14, 2019 : iDEC is pleased that this reading corner named i-MAGBOOKS is listed among the ten (10) PTJs eligible for the final. The first level assessment session was held on October 1, 2019, by the UPM jury, Mr. Hanis Bin Johari, from Sultan Abdul Samad UPM Library and Madam Norshahilda Md Shahril, Administratvie Assistant from 15th College. In the final screening session, the iDEC received a panel of judges including Mrs. Zarenah Wagino, Mr Roslan Ariffin from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Mr Mohd Helmi Masor @ Mansor of the Islamic University of Malaysia Malaysia (USIM).

i-MAGBOOKS is a iDEC reading corner based on the ideas and discussions of its committee members. It is one of the projects under the 5S Committee. Madam Nor Azlina Zainal Abidin has been appointed as the iDEC Read@Uni coordinator. Taking the "Natural and ICT" concept approach, i-MAGBOOKS, a proud reading corner, was developed. The result of shared discussions, creativity and innovation has contributed to this reading. Has two (2) bookshelves where the main bookshelves are made from pallet boxes that are transformed into small and medium sized boxes. Large pallet boxes have been made into shelves and wrapped in wooden paper wall in accordance with the natural concept.

The installation of 'viynl' floors with a choice of bright colors gives a striking contrast to the reading angle with the existing workspace. To add more 'mood' to reading, the blank wall was previously adorned with 'wall paper' scenery, the main route to Universiti Putra Malaysia being the choice of iDEC residents through a 'survey'.

The book system provided by Mr. Mohd. Shafree Ahmad, is an ICT element implemented with i-MAGBOOKS. With the menu accessible to the administrator, all contributed books will be downloaded into the system and labeled. All books are organized according to the labels that have been affixed to the book. With this system, iDEC residents will be able to find a list of available books and a synopsis. The system will be improved over time. In addition to the system, a mobile device called 'tablet' is provided for visitors to view a list of books directly or browse through 'ebooks'. By applying a scan to the QR Code provided in the corner of the reading, visitors can also see the list of available book names.

Aside from the reading angle, iDEC makes full use of the space for weekly sharing sessions, reviews and reading materials, motivational sessions, discussion with external parties and sharing for 'Technology Update'. It will also be used for spiritual activities. 

i-MAGBOOKS will not succeed and will be realized with the help and commitment of PTJ Management. iDEC is very grateful for their involvement in financial management, advisory services, ideas as well as contributing books and magazines.

Notifications on i-MAGBOOKS are implemented through email methods, websites (sliders, banner promotions), Whatsapp applications and Facebook social media. The info distribution is about the system and QR Code as well as new book donation alerts. The addition of books with various categories, improvements to the Book System are links to ebooks, books ratings, loans and the 'Check In' system.

With the introduction of this reading angle, it is hoped that the culture of reading among the iDEC staff will be strengthened and that friendship will be strengthened. Indirectly, it adds a location for discussion other than the meeting room. Talent other than the actual task (creativity/crafts/composition) is on display. Information sharing and ICT technology sessions can increase staff confidence and increase knowledge. Donating / contributing and sharing cultures can also be nurtured.


Date of Input: 17/10/2019 | Updated: 17/10/2019 | nazlina


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