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iDEC helps reduce CADE's operating costs

SERDANG, 15 April 2021: The Center for Academic Development (CADe) in collaboration with the Infocomm Development Center (IDEC) has successfully developed the Online Exit Survey System (OES) which acts as a database that hosts students satisfaction data survey on UPM services. The system allows students to perform online survey at each graduating session. The process of analyzing scores on student satisfaction of UPM services, can be be done in a shorter time and more efficiently compared to the manual process.

Exit Survey is an evaluation process to strengthen the quality of services and offerings of academic programmes at UPM. The implementation of this process has been implemented manually for more than 12 years. This evaluation process involves a total of 2,000 to 3,000 students for each graduating session.

Head of the Teaching and Learning Development Division, Puan Nor Azirawani Man said "This system not only benefits CADe but also the management of the faculty and university in terms of cost effectiveness on implementation of the exit survey and time savings". Azirawani explained that the implementation of the Exit Survey was previously implemented manually and had to be implemented every semester, which is 2 times per year. The manual process each year costs RM10,000 in addition to the cost of human resources needed to process hardcopy forms and the time consumed in generating analysis of the data obtained.

This system is expected to assist UPM in identifying opportunities for improvement to university services as well as determining the need to review UPM's study programs as a whole.

The OES project handover was done by Mr. Ahmad Faisal Abdul Ghafar as the OES Project Manager to Prof. Dr. Wan Marzuki Wan Jaafar, Director of CADe UPM. The event was carried out via online meeting, attended by the Deputy Director of CADE, Head of Teaching and Learning Division CADe, Director of iDEC, Head of Application Development Division iDEC, Deputy Head of Application Development Division iDEC as well as members of the system development team. The system development team consist of 3 experienced officers led by Ahmad Faisal, are officers from the Application Development Division (BPA) iDEC.

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