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Benchmarking Visit to Knowledge, Communication & Technology Center (PPKT), USM


1 July 2022, Penang: The Knowledge, Communication & Technology Center (PPKT) is an entity that manages ICT -related services at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Led by Mr. Ahmad Fadhlul Irham Bin Yusoff as the Director of PPKT, he has been responsible for ensuring that ICT services are implemented well and continue to excel with the assistance of the Deputy Director, Heads of divisions and all ICT staff. We are very grateful for the willingness of PPKT to receive a visit from 12 iDEC UPM officers consisting of the Network Infrastructure Division, Administration Division, ICT Planning and Governance Division and the Smart Campus and Digitization Division.

The sharing session began with an introduction to PPKT and the functions of each division. Information related to network systems, data centers and facilities used are also shared and views and opinions are exchanged. Information related to ICT governance and applications available at USM are also shared and there are some similarities. The Director of PPKT shared his experience on risk assessment methods as well as problems that occur involving the procurement of systems and ways to overcome them.

iDEC UPM is very pleased with the information sharing session that can be used as a guide and reference and hopefully the friendship can be maintained forever.

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