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2C Program - Travel Cash Saver!


SERDANG, December 5, 2019: The school holiday season will be best utilized for either leisure activities or family activities. For holiday and travel lovers, this activity is perfect for this school holiday season. This 2S program with Prof. Madya Dr. Fatimah Sidi, shared her info and tips titled “Travel Cash Saver”. There are various methods that can be used to provide the cost to be used for holiday purposes. In addition to saving, you can also take advantage of investments or financial loans but have to discipline yourself to pay.

The practice of giving is undeniably its advantage. Apply your intention to health, business and all that while making a donation in a fund called the "Dawn of the Fund". It is so named because the donations are donated, practiced daily after the Morning Prayer and before the time of Syuruk.

From Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu 'anhu the Prophet Muhammad shollallahu' alahi wa sallam said: "Not one servant enters the morning every day, except two angels come down. One pleads: 'O Allah, give back to the beneficiary who gives his property.' And another pleads: 'O God, destroy the wealth of the poor.'

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