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2C Program - English for Breakfast


SERDANG, December 18, 2019: English is an international language used to connect with other nations, both local and international. Although Bahasa Malaysia is the official language and national language of the country, English is very important for the country's progress. The use of English allows for a broader and easier connection to international information. In addition to contributing to the nation's development, an individual's excellence in using this language can enhance self-confidence.

The beginning of English language use is from pre-school to higher education. It can also be learned by listening to music, watching movies or stories in English rather than reading. Practice always finding the meaning of words you do not understand in order to enrich your vocabulary and use it in communication Developing the spirit and determination to learn this language will make an individual more proficient in one language.

You can improve this English if you follow these 4 tips:

  1. Attitude to learn
  2. Exercise
  3. Maximum exposure to English
  4. Empower vocabulary

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