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USM: Knowledge Sharing and Smart Campus Sharing

Public University (UA) has always faced the challenge of adapting technology to meet the needs of its holders. Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0 saw an increase in the use of artificial intelligence, IoT and machine learning implemented in an effort to address various challenges and to provide enhanced user experience.

Issues such as policy and the extent to which open data can be used are among the things we need to consider in implementing the Smart Campus concept. While there are many benefits to each of these different groups, they come with risks and challenges, such as data privacy and protection and infrastructure barriers.

At USM we cannot escape the urgent desire to succeed on this Smart Campus agenda, the short-term approach and long-term planning that USM has and will want to share, hopefully the Smart Campus along with the other UA will into a reality.


Mr Zulham Hamdan is the Chief Information Officer at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Director of the Center for Knowledge, Communication and Technology, USM. Started as a System Analyst at USM Computer Unit in 1984 after completing a Bachelor of Computer Science in USM. For the first 10 years he has been assigned to the Student Information Unit and Staff Information Unit.

Transfer to ICT Research Unit after Computer Unit is upgraded to Computer Center. Continuing his degree in Computer Science at USM in 2000. In 2006, he was appointed Deputy CIO with an F52 grade. In 2007 he was appointed CIO and Director with grade F54. He has extensive experience in application development, technical and project management.

Formerly a technical consultant to the WHO (Drug Promotion Repository and Counterfeit Medicine Alert) project based in Geneva and Manila (2002 - 2005). At the national level he was involved as a technical consultant for the HIEP (Holistic Inclusive Education Program) project under the MOH of schools (2015) and the Tobacco Free project under MOH (2016). At the state level has been involved as a system developer and advisor to SUK, Penang and the MACC, Penang.

During that time, several awards have been received, including the Honors Medal (2005), Penang, the USM Excellent Administrative (Technical) Award in 2008 and the State Star of Excellence (2017), Penang.

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