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UPM : Smart Spatium - Dynamic Colloborative workspace for Smart Campus

Smart Spatium is a dynamic online collaborative workspace developed for university students as a platform for document sharing regardless of time and place. It makes it easier for students to engage in more active collaboration and discussion. Problems with coordination of work, inability to make document edits, lack of backup platforms, and lack of mechanisms that can provide evidence of contribution among team members have been solved with this application.

Committed to improving team members' collaboration for project and college assignments regardless of geographical distance, the app allows students to collaborate more effectively and commit to each discussion, and most importantly they can see the contribution of each member of their group. - individual goals more objectively and transparently. This context may look a bit different from the perspective of the lecturer / teacher, where assessments made on students through this application are not a substitute for existing assessment methods but rather to aid and facilitate the assessment process. It also functions as a centralized platform for storing folders and allowing task documents to be more easily organized and organized. Developed using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology, the app is ideal for virtual learning for the new generation and online community of practice (CoP), thus enhancing current higher education trends and methods.

Smart Spatium is also designed for users to enjoy a similar experience gained from social media use, where they can share reviews within their timeline. Additionally, they can also comment on their group assignments or projects. At the same time, they will be notified of all notifications displayed on their timeline. With these features, they will become more aware and focus on their tasks or projects until they are finished.

The app was developed not only to solve the problems students face when collaboration is needed, but also to instill and foster a sense of community that promotes work responsibility, and smart coordination of work among their team members when doing assignments or projects.

Smart Spatium is a complement to the existing education system that includes conventional classes, physical discussions and manual assessments. For institutions of higher learning such as universities and colleges, this will be an added value that will not only facilitate the student learning process but also the teaching of lecturers and other related tasks including student assessment. Over time, higher education practices, especially teaching and learning, will gradually adapt to a more dynamic and efficient trend, especially with new technologies that support teamwork and more dynamic assessment methods.


Biodata :

Dr. Salfarina Abdullah is the Senior Lecturer in the Department of Software Engineering and Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Putra Malaysia. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, he received his early education at SRK Jalan Gurney 2, and is an alumni of Seri Puteri School, Cyberjaya Selangor (formerly located at Ayer Pool Road, KL). Having a doctorate in Philosophy in Knowledge Management from UPM, he also holds a master's degree in Information Systems Management (MIS) and a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the same university.

Has worked as a tutor at UPM for over 10 years before being appointed as a senior lecturer in 2012 to date. Throughout his academic career, especially in research universities, much research has been done in the areas of knowledge management (especially within the scope of software engineering), information system management and software project management.

The results of these studies have been presented in various national and international seminars. He is also a member of the Applied Informatics (AiRG) research group, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UPM, which just finished organizing its international conference, the Applied Informatics International Conference (AiIC2019) in Penang in early July 2019.

Has experience as an external examiner for papers presented at several international conferences, and has over 10 copyrights on various software / application products. His latest research includes applications for Smart Campus and the optimum utilization of knowledge gained through the knowledge sharing / transfer process.

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