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Service Innovation Award (management category) in conjunction with HKIP 2019


17 October 2019, UPM Chancellory Building - InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC) joins the Service Innovation Award presentation for management category in conjunction with Quality and Service Innovation (HKIP) Day 2019. The group representing iDEC is known as iNFOTECH which consists of 8 staff from the Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction Division. The title of innovation brought by the iNFOTECH group is UPM Digital Signage. It is a digital information display application that can be broadcast on LED TVs within UPM. This Digital Signage utilizes a full multimedia element consisting of images, videos and audio. This facility requires only monitors/LED's, CPU's and internet networks to operate. Content can be updated online from any location within UPM. Among the modules provided are attendance, current info, activity and video activity. Modules can be added as per user requirements. Templates are also provided for the convenience of the user to choose the appropriate design. One of the implications of this innovation is the ability to create a uniform digital display of information within UPM (UPM identity). It can also reduce software purchase and maintenance costs. In addition, it facilitates PTJ to regulate digital display content. There are currently 2 PTJ's that have used this facility namely iDEC and University Health Center. It is hoped that this innovation will be able to extend its use to the entire PTJ within UPM.

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