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Microsoft Word M365 knowledge sharing


28 June 2022, Serdang: Along with the addition of functions and the latest version of Microsoft M365, Microsoft Word M365 (advanced) training was held to provide guidance to all staff of Universiti Putra Malaysia. Given the limited number of computers in the Zetta Training Room, only 30 participants from offices, centers, institutes and faculties participated in the Microsoft Word M365 Advanced Course.

Participants were taught how to prepare reports using the functions of Table Of Contents, Caption, Heading Styles and others. Preparing letters or certificates for large quantities becomes easy by using the Mail Merge function. At the end of the course, editing tips and other guides were shared by Ts. Norazlin Yusof who is a teacher.

Universiti Putra Malaysia has an M365 software license under the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Malaysia. There are many other applications besides Word, Power Point and Excel available in the M365. UPM residents (staff and students) can download the M365 software via the URL where the ID is using UPM-ID but a different password. If you have problems or any questions, you can refer to the ICT staff at the PTJ ICT Section.

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