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iDEC gets practical approach on application development

PUTRAJAYA, December 2, 2019: Buku Panduan Kejuruteraan Sistem Aplikasi Sektor Awam (KRISA) was launched on October 8, 2019 at the recent Public Sector CIO CONVEX Conference. KRISA was created as a practical reference in driving and preserving the excellence of civil servants, especially ICT professionals, in the development of application systems. KRISA contains standard system development methodologies as a guide to produce high quality application systems and also to produce comprehensive documentation.

A total of 37 Information Technology Officers from various goverment agencies and public universities ranged from F41 to F52 attended the KRISA Bootcamp for Business Requirement Study scope. Participants represented.UPM is represented by Norazlin Yusof and Azizi Sabron from InfoComm Development Centre (IDEC).

KRISA provides learning activities through experiential learning activities that allow individuals and systems development teams to practice methods in application system development methodologies.

KRISA is a booster for enhancement work planned for IDEC’s application development guidelines (REFTApp) which had been used since 2015. Azizi said, "We plan to incorporate some of the key elements we've learned through the KRISA Bootcamp into REFTAPP starting next year."

The KRISA Bootcamp is an initiative of the ICT Consultation Division, Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit of Malaysia (MAMPU) as a preliminary step in attracting civil servants to embrace the guide. This series of bootcamp will be continued with other series following each phase of the system development life cycle (SDLC).

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