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Expo on University Research Invention Creation and Innovation

The InfoComm Development Center (iDEC), Universiti Putra Malaysia participated in the "Expo on University Research Invention, Creation and Innovation" held on 14 - 16 August 2018 at the University of Malaya. iDEC is represented by iDeTech, has presented a project titled "UPM staff and students must REMEMBER SEVERAL ID'S AND PASSWORD for a diverse system". iDeTech has won Gold rating. Congratulations!

Expo on University Research Invention, Creation and Innovation at University of Malaya:

1. "Langit Putra" Group (TNCPI Office) - Third place Technical Category, Best Performance Technical Category & Gold Rating

2. iDETECH Group (iDEC) - Gold Rating


Project Synopsis:

UPM staff or students must access many application systems that have different id and password. This scenario is a burden to users to remember every id and password. In fact, this is also a burden to administrators (IT officers) to create id and password for each application system. The problem of "UPM staff and students must REMEMBER SEVERAL ID'S AND PASSWORD for a diverse system" was chosen to be resolved.

The cause of the problem is each application system has its own id and password management and no uniformity is set in developing modules related to id administration and password on each developed application system. The solution that has been selected is to "develop single ID Directory (UPM-ID)".

UPM-ID must be use to access all application systems developed internally at UPM, including access to networks and emails. As a result, single ID and password must be remembered by UPM staff and students. The solution was SUCCESSFULLY implemented. Improvements were made by providing the guidelines for UPM-ID integration with existing application systems as well as UPM-ID activation manual. The impact of these improvements, the same screen is displayed for accessing various systems.


Impact Implementation:

  1. Save a cost of RM32,950.00
  2. Reducing human resource operating costs by 89.66%
  3. Improved quality before and after project implementation in terms of development of login modules
  4. 6 working days savings for process ID application & new password
  5. Reduce the burden on IT management
  6. Reduce long-term costs (cost of buying SSL certs)
  7. System development is faster
  8. Supports the Fall Organization Plan
  9. System user management is more efficient
  10. Access to all systems is safe


iDeTech Team

FACILITATOR     : Mohd Rizal Mohd Khanafie
GROUP LEADER : Haryati Abdullah
SECRETARY       : Huda Khairuddin

  1. Sabdin@Zahar Wahab Ahmad
  2. Faisal Abdul Ghafar
  3. Nor Hasriyanti Rahim
  4. Azhana Abdullah
  5. Norhezrulsham Muhamad Nodin
  6. Shahrul Hazman Shamshudeen
  7. Norfaizul Abdul Aziz
  8. Muhammad Jamal Mohamed Kamil

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