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Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference 2023 Malaysia

Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference 2023 Malaysia

Cyberjaya, 18th May 2023 : How Does Enterprise Architecture contribute to Sustainable Development Goals? There are many ways that digital innovation can be used to accelerate sustainability efforts. For instance, digital technologies can be used to facilitate the sharing of information and resources, enabling collaboration and collective action to address sustainability challenges. Business sustainability initiatives can benefit from the use of digital enterprise architecture, which can be used to develop capabilities and change behaviour in an organisation.

The 12th Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference uncover the enterprise architecture strategies, competencies, tools and techniques for sustainability development. Participants learned how to apply these insights to their organisation’s objectives. The physical conference brought together industry thought leaders, EA practitioners and communities to exchanged best practices for fostering ongoing, cross-functional growth and innovation for the business.

BITAS 2023 was attended by iDEC Officer Ts. Norazlin Yusof, Ts. Mohd. Rizal Mohd. Khanafie, Ts. Juraidah Mohd. Amen, Ts. Nor Azlina Zainal Abidin, Ts. Huda Khairuddin and Ts. Aidah Ngatiman.

Event Highlights:

  • Malaysia Business Technology Awards 2022 – Petronas, Kementerian Pembangunan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT) dan Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM).
  • Notable topics, discussions, and developments related to the sustainable use of digital technologies.
  • Discover the latest business technology strategies for sustainability programmes.
  • Explore the latest services available from the solution providers that provide benefits to businesses.
  • Network with Business and IT leaders to make valuable connections in the ICT industry.


Prepared by:

Ts. Nor Azlina binti Zainal Abidin

Date of Input: 07/06/2023 | Updated: 08/06/2023 | zalaz


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