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Briefing on ISO Implementation of iDEC Processes For The 2018

The Quality Assurance Section, Planning and Governance Division, UPM's Information and Communication Development Center (iDEC) held a ISO Implementation Briefing for IDEC Process for 2018. The briefing was held on 13 February 2018 at 9.00pagi at the Leg Room, iDEC Gamma. Encik Rosmi Othman as the Deputy Director, Strategic Management and Consumer Support has commenced the session with a welcome speech and topic of the Context of the Organization and Internal Issues.

The session was continued with a briefing on the implementation calendar on iDEC for 2018 by Mr. Krishnan Mariappan. Mrs. Hashimah, who is the Head of Quality Assurance Section, has explained the self-review and reports of the ISO QMS and ISMS risk assessment action strategies.






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Tentative Programme

8.30 am  : Kehadiran Peserta
9.00 am : Ucapan Aluan TP PSSP (En. Rosmi Othman)
9.30 am : Taklimat takwim perlaksanaan ISO di iDEC TAHUN 2018 (En. Krishnan Mariappan) 
9.45 am : Taklimat perlaksanaan Semakan Kendiri ISO QMS DAN ISMS (templat dokumen pelaporan)
                 (Pn. Hashimah Amat Sejani) 
10.15 am : Laporan strategi tindakan pentaksiran Risiko QMS DAN ISMS(templat dokumen pelaporan)
                 (Pn. Hashimah Amat Sejani) 
10.45 am : Bersurai

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