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Lenovo Technology Update Session with UPM

InfoComm Development Center (iDEC), 31 October 2019 - Lenovo Malaysia has joined iDEC UPM for a technology update with UPM's iDEC staff. The session began at 10.00am and was chaired by Head of Division, Haji Mohd. Zul Mohd. Yusof. The event was started with an introduction by Lenovo's Director of Accounts, Mrs. Zahira Amer Hamzah and a presentation of products and technologies by Steven Cheng, Customer Solution Architect.

There are a number of products that are affordable and affordable and have the latest technology and features. Synonymous with the use of the word "Think" in its brand, Lenovo has introduced some very exciting latest productions. Most recently, a very cute "Nano" desktop can be used for digital display purposes that can be connected to a television or special monitor.

As a result, iDEC UPM will be able to keep in mind Lenovo's latest product development with its Desktop and conference facilities.

Date of Input: 31/10/2019 | Updated: 05/11/2019 | nazlina


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