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KRiDEC Sesi 2017/2019 Annual General Meeting


Alhamdulillah, Welfare and Recreation Club iDEC Session 2017/2019 has successfully conducted the 2nd Annual General Meeting on 13 March 2019 at Rashdan Baba Auditorium, Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Research and Innovation). This meeting is conducted as per the requirement of the Constitution of KRiDEC where every two years will be the election of the Committee Member who will lead KRiDEC.

The meeting went smoothly as planned with a more positive impact on its members, KRiDEC has embraced a motivational talk with Stress Management headline delivered by Mr Hafiz Mustapha from CuteCarry. With the appointment of the KRiDEC Committee Member of the 2019/2021 session, KRiDEC will certainly be more active and aggressive with a variety of exciting activities and prioritize the welfare of its members.

Date of Input: 28/03/2019 | Updated: 28/03/2019 | nazlina


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