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KRiDEC! Greetings Maulidur Rasul


Serdang, 30 October 2020: The whole world is being tested by the presence of the Covid 19 pandemic. Allah is testing us all. The iDEC Welfare and Recreation Club (KRiDEC) has invited Ustaz Azrul Nizam Abdul Aziz to deliver a talk online. The talk entitled "Gratitude and calm in the face of the test of Allah, Istiqomah in WFH practices and Challenges" was attended by about 94 iDEC citizens.

As human beings, we should be grateful for all of Allah gifts even when trials come. Why be grateful? Every test given must have grace behind it. When we are grateful, we will be blessed with grace, confidence, patience and perseverance in the face of Allah test. The greater the reward to be obtained the greater the trials and tribulations. Rest assured that when the test comes there will be facilities and should always be optimistic where there will definitely be a solution to every problem encountered.

For the sake of survival, life must continue where work must be carried out even if forced to Work From Home (WFH). This is an option that must be followed to ensure that the Covid 19 chain can be reduced and subsequently disconnected. In ensuring blessings, we must ensure that the work that is worship is carried out with Amanah and Ikhlas. In conjunction with this Maulidur Rasul, let us all pray together and pray that all matters will be made easier by Allah.

Date of Input: 04/11/2020 | Updated: 04/11/2020 | nazlina


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