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Keep up the quality in service!


16 Jun 2022, Serdang : The Infocomm Development Center (iDEC) is very grateful for the commitment given by Mrs. Rita Bajat as the Chief Auditor (KJAD) during the QMS iDEC Internal Audit session for the year 2022. Thanks are also extended to all iDEC Internal Auditors who perform their responsibilities and commitments. completely.

The audit session was conducted based on the schedule provided as a guide and reference as below:


Despite other commitments, all auditors and auditees have provided good cooperation throughout the audit session. It is hoped that all iDEC staff will be able to continue the culture of quality management system to ensure that the tasks are always improved.

Date of Input: 17/06/2022 | Updated: 08/08/2022 | nazlina


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