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iDEC is prepared to Face Fire Emergencies

SERDANG, 17 August 2023 - iDEC held Emergency and Building Evacuation Exercise for the year 2023 in collaboration with the UPM First Aid Unit and the UPM Health Center at the iDEC Sigma Building, Infoport. For the first time, this training was carried out simultaneously with the Institute of Social Science Studies (IPSAS) due to the location of the same building. The purpose of this exercise is to give practical exposure to the Emergency Response Team (ERT) as a first responder as well as train the staff in the building to comply with instructions when facing any emergency.


The training started with the simulation of a fire incident with a plume of smoke and was followed by the sound of the fire alarm system. iDEC's ERT team immediately acted to evacuate the building and rescue the injured. The building was successfully evacuated in less than 2 minutes. Mr. Abdul Wahid Mohd Sidik as the head of the iDEC Sigma building has played an important role in leading the session. The training started at 10.00 am and ended successfully at 10.23 am.


Immediately after the exercise was carried out, a briefing session on the results of the emergency exercise chaired by Ts. Syemsul Bahrim Abdul as Deputy Incident Commander. The session was also attended by ERT IDEC, ERT IPSAS, Mr. Mohd Sharizan Saian as a representative from the Bantu Mula Unit and Mrs. Zainor Mazwin Zainal as a representative from IPSAS. Overall, this exercise has SUCCEEDED in achieving its goals and I hope that some suggestions for improvement by the UPM First Aid Unit can be implemented for future exercises, apart from the suggestion to maintain the cooperation between iDEC  and IPSAS.


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