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Administration Division

The Division of Administration is responsible for the planning, implementation, management and monitoring of the following activities:

  1. Administration of office, human resource and finance.
  2. Management of asset
  3. Management of personel training
  4. External Networking (Industrial training, visitors, technology update)
  5. Secretariat for UPM ICT meetings
  6. Preparation of Annual Report of iDEC


Administration Officer  (N44)
Salmawati Abdul Malid
+603 97691211

khairil Mohd Khairil Izzan Mohd Zuki
Secretary (N29)
+603 97691201
hamimah Hamimah Baharuddin
Assistant Administration (N22)
+603 97691215
 norsidah Norsidah Ani
Assistant Administration  (N22) 
+603 97691669
idayu Noridayu Zainal
Assistant Administration (N19)
+603 97691661
zaleha Zaleha Hamzah
Assistant Administration (N19)
+603 97691209
noriah Noriah Abu
Operational Assistant (N11)
+603 97691215
s_arisy Aris Yatim
Operational Assistant (N11)
+603 97691215
firdaus Mohd Firdauz Abd Hamid
Driver (H11)
+603 97693031
najib Mohd Najib Mohd Yusof
Driver (H11)
+603 97691215


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