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Please contact this number 03-89471990

Kindly be informed that Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) phone number with prefix 03-8946 and 03-8947 has been terminated from July 1, 2019. This action is based on the following justification:

1. Installation of new set of phones with prefix 03-9769 (hardphone & softphone) at each PTJ which began on 17 August 2018, was completed on 29 March 2019. Briefing and guidance to the staff was implemented during the installation process.
2. Damage to the Ericsson MD110 PABX System that supports online service 8946xxxx (35 years old) and not economical to repair.
3. Damage Cisco Call Manager Server that supports online service 8947xxxx (12 years old), has suffered damage and can not be repaired.

Informed that all eligible staff are supplied with their own phone number can install Putracomm softphone applications on their respective smartphones. This phone number will stay with the staff until the service is over and brought together when moving to the Department or Responsibility Center (PTJ) at UPM. Only online links with PTJ only will stay local like Dean's number, Director, Head of Department and so on.

Given the current financial allocation constraints, limited set of telephone sets (hard-wired) are limited. Therefore, the JPU has agreed that not all staff will be provided with the desk set and the distribution should be based on the priority and importance of the following duties:

• PTJ Management
• Secretary / Assistant Secretary / Administrative Assistant
• Administrative / Financial Staff
• Customer Counter
<"User Guide and IP-Phone">

In the event of any inquiries or requirements from PTJ to provide technical briefings / briefings to the staff at PTJ, please contact:

Tuan Haji Rusli Ahmad (03-9769 1101 / arusli@upm.edu.my) or En. Nik Mohd Yusri Nik Harun (03-9769 1917 / mohdyusri@upm.edu.my).

All inconvenience is deeply regretted.
Thank you.

7 October 2019 - ISMS Audit at InfoComm Development Centre)(iDEC), UPM

Please take these actions to ensure its proper functionality.

1. Turn-off Battery Optimisation to enable apps operational in the background
2. Enable App Notifications
3. App Permission to access Camera, Phone, Microphone, Contacts, Storage

4. Go to setting>preferences>other> enable start application after boot

The InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) has activated the Microsoft 365 A3 for Faculty License for the use of all UPM staff.

Among the facilities provided are software installations listed on the following portals:

1. https://portal.office.com
For Microsoft Office Product software please refer to: USER MANUAL OFFICE 365

2. https: //aka.ms/devtoolsforteaching
For the FREE Microsoft Office Product software please refer to: MICROSOFT AZURE DEV TOOLS FOR UPM STAFF

Dear All,

This is to inform you that further to the findings of the ISMS Surveillance Audit, the password management of UPM-ID users shall be strictly enforced to comply with the guideline that has been drawn up.  UPM-ID users must ensure that the password used comply to the combination criteria as follows:-

  1. Have at least 8 characters and a maximum of 40 characters in length; AND
  2. Have at least one (1) uppercase character; AND
  3. Have at least one (1) lower case character; AND
  4. Have at least one (1) numerical character; AND
  5. Have NO whitespace.
  6. Use of special character is RECOMMENDED.


User are also requested to take note of the FOLLOWING::-

  1. Users who are currently using passwords that do not comply with the combination criteria are given till 6th December 2019 to change their password
  2. After 6 December 2019, implementation shall be enforced in the UPM-ID page to ensure users’ password comply with the combination criteria.
  3. Access the UPM-ID portal for staff (https://upm-id.upm.edu.my/staff) or for students (https://upm-id.upm.edu.my/student)

As of February 1, 2020, the InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) has implemented restructuring in which:

  1. Changes to the Application Development Division (BPA) (addition of staff and tasks for Application Maintenance)
  2. Changes to the Application Operations Division (BOA) (staff reductions and no Application Maintenance tasks)
  3. Changes to the User Support Division (BSP) (Closing of Biotechnology and Environment ICT Section and staff placement changes)


(iDEC 2020 Chart)

For Adobe CC software installations, please click on the categories:

Staff >

For students, the extension of the temporary license term expires on JULY 6, 2020.

For guidance on using video conferencing, notes can be accessed via the following link:

BDP - Office Work (as of June 1, 2020)

  1. Complete the information in the ERTCOVID19 System before going to the office
  2. Punch in via the URL http://perakamwaktu.upm.edu.my with the UPM internet line
  3. Punch out via the URL http://perakamwaktu.upm.edu.my with the UPM internet line (after workday)


BDR@WFH - Work From Home (starting June 1, 2020)

  1. Punch in via URL http://perakamwaktu1.upm.edu.my with telco data line (data plan yourself)
  2. Always be in “standby mode” to contact if needed
  3. Complete the daily work log
  4. Punch out via URL http://perakamwaktu1.upm.edu.my with telco (data plan)

Congratulations on the appointment effective July 1, 2020

Appointment of Head of Division
Mr. Rizal Razak
Establishment of the Interim Innovation Smart Campus Division led by Mr. Rizal Razak and assisted by Mr. Saiful Ramadhan Hairani.

Appointment of Head of ICT Section to manage two (2) Computer Science and Information Technology ICT Section & Engineering and Architectural ICT Section
Mr Mohamad Hafiz Mohamad Zamri

Appointment of Assistant Chief of ICT Section

i) Ms. Fatimah Hj. Mohd Shafie in Computer Science and Information Technology Section.

ii) Mr. Anwar Mohd Salleh in Engineering and Architecture ICT Section.

iii) Mr. Normin Zakaria in the Administrative ICT Section.

iv) Mrs. Zanariyah Tohari in the Medical and Veterinary ICT Section.

v) Mr. Ahmad Khushairy Ahmad Mouthie in the Social Science ICT Section and also undertook the task of assisting Haji Mohd. Zul Mohd. Yusof in the Agriculture and Forestry ICT Section.

The following listed changes are effective July 1, 2020: -

1. HPUPM ICT Support Division under the Deputy Director (Strategic Management & Consumer Support).

2. The Faculty of Modern Languages ​​and Communications was established under the ICT Section of Computer Science and Information Technology and Mr. Yusnizan Yusoff also moved.

3. The Infoport ICT area was placed under the Medical and Veterinary ICT Section and Hajjah Anisah Mohd Diah also moved there.

4. The ICT Area of ​​the University Agricultural Park and the Institute of Plantation Studies under the Administrative ICT Section and Tuan Haji Mohd Husaini Bahari also moved there.

Thank you.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following iDEC officers on promotion.

s_azizisabron Mr. Azizi Sabron for promotion F48.

s_unet_azman Mr. Azman Shah Mohd Shahar on the promotion of FA32.


PUTRAVID: Interference on iOS smartphone users

For your information, the disruption to Putra®️VID on the iOS platform has been successfully resolved. However, iOS users need to uninstall & re-install the application to enable it to be used. Please install Putra®️VID through the website: http://mobile.upm.edu.my/.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks to the Human-Computer Interaction Section for the action and cooperation provided.

Thank you.


Happy retirement to Mr. Hasidin Abdul Rashid and Ms. Hasmah Abdul Wahab. Good luck and hopefully be given good health and things will be easier.


Good Day to All Students of UPM

The maintenance of the Microsoft 365 (M365) student portal has been successfully completed on 30 August 2020. For your information, students are required to use a new ID which is the matricnumber@students.upm.edu.my. This ID is only applicable for access to the Microsoft 365 (M365) portal.

All students of UPM are requested to refer to the access guide that is attached to enable the reuse of M365.

Should you encounter any problems during the process of reactivating M365, please email the following information to adminm365@upm.edu.my.

  1. Name                         :
  2. Matric Number            :
  3. Program                     :
  4. Faculty                       :
  5. Mobile Phone No. *     :

*Mobile Phone  No. is the same number during UPM-ID activation


Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


Thank you.


InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC)

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon,

Please be informed, for the purpose of recording the time of duty or the last time of duty, Yg. Bhg. Datuk / Datin / Profesor / Dr. / Tuan / Puan are requested to use the temporary URL which is http://eperakamwaktu4u.upm.edu.my. This URL is only valid for today (September 28, 2020).

From 29 September 2020 onwards, Yg. Bhg. Datuk / Datin / Profesor / Dr. / Tuan / Puan are requested to use the URL as before, which is http://perakamwaktu.upm.edu.my

All the difficulties encountered are greatly regretted and the cooperation given, is thanked millions.

Official Info,

Infocomm Development Centre (iDEC)

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Staff restructuring has been agreed by iDEC Management and is effective from 1 October 2020 for Norhayati Rasmi who will be moving from Application Development Division to Application Operations Division.

Universiti Putra Malaysia is concerned about the increase in COVID-19 cases in Petaling district. This district has been confirmed as a red zone by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). In this regard, it is informed that the implementation of all official functions at the level of Universiti Putra Malaysia has been postponed to a date to be announced later. The cooperation of all parties in this matter is preceded by a word of thanks.

Office of Corporate Strategy and Communications
Universiti Putra Malaysia
October 1, 2020

For the information of all new students, ID to access M365 will be provided by the Information and Communication Development Center (iDEC) once the data is received from the Admission and Academic Administration Division as well as the School of Graduate Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Once the data is in the M365 portal (will be informed from time to time), students can access in the following ways:

  • URL: http://office.com
  • Click Sign In
  • Enter ID: matricnumber@students.upm.edu.my and click on Forgot My Password.

Universiti Putra Malaysia took note of the decision of the National Security Council (MKN) Special Session, to implement the Conditional Movement Control Order (PKPB), from 14 October 2020 to 27 October 2020, in the state of Selangor, WP Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID epidemics -19. In this regard, together with these are the Guidelines for Continuity of Service at UPM during the Conditional Movement Control Order 14 October 2020 to 27 October 2020. UPM staff are advised to always be sensitive to the latest information that will be presented through info@upm.edu.my, UPM Official Website and UPM Official Social Media.

Referring to the Guidelines informing about the continuity of service procedures at Universiti Putra Malaysia Serdang Campus during the Conditional Movement Control Order (PKPB) throughout the State of Selangor, WP Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya effective 14 October to 27 October 2020.

The Management Committee of Universiti Putra Malaysia on 14 October 2020 agreed to issue Administrative Instructions of Working From Home and Working in the Office as in the appendix.

We are pleased to inform that there is an Appointment and Change of name of the division at the Information and Communication Development Center (iDEC) by the Vice Chancellor of UPM effective 1 September 2021 as follows:-

1. Pn. Norazlin Yusof as the Head of ICT Planning & Governance Division
2. Ts. Mohd Rizal Mohd Khanafie as the Head of Application Development Division
3. En. Rizal Razak as the Head of the Smart Campus and Digitization Division
1. Name change of Multimedia and Human Interaction Division to Multimedia Communication Division

All Staff and Students of UPM

Please be informed that the Internet Graduate Information Management System (iGIMS) shall be using the UPM-ID as the authentication method for users to access the system. The implementation of this method shall be effective from 15 February 2021. This authentication method is applicable to all users comprising UPM staff and students.

Therefore, all user are advised to take note of the following:-


  1. iGIMS users must ensure that their UPM-ID is ACTIVE
  1. The UPM-ID should be activated through the UPM-ID portal using the given link;

         Student >> https://upm-id.upm.edu.my/student/public/ActivateUser &
         Staf >> https://upm-id.upm.edu.my/staff/public/ActivateUser

    3.  Any change of password may only be made at the UPM-ID portal.


Thank you



Congratulations 💐💐💐 to

1. Puan Norazlin Binti Yusof Flexi Promotion Grade F48 to Grade F52 effective 1 September 2021

2. Encik Mohamad Norhamidi Bin Hazman Promotion by TBK Grade FA29 to Grade FA32 effective 1 July 2021

3. Puan Siti Zurainah Binti Salamat Increase by TBK Grade FA29 to Grade FA32 effective 7 July 2021

4. Encik Mohammad Faiz Bin Esa Promotion by TBK Grade FA29 to Grade FA32 effective 14 July 2021

5. Puan Norfaizul Binti Abdul Aziz Promotion by TBK Grade FA29 to Grade FA32 effective 11 July 2021

6. Ms. Siti Syazwina Binti Mohd Yusef Promotion by TBK Grade FA29 to Grade FA32 effective 21 July 2021

7. Puan Norhasliza Binti Ghazali Promotion by TBK Grade FA29 to Grade FA32 effective 21 July 2021

8. Puan Lailawati Binti Idris Promotion by TBK Grade N29 to Grade N32 effective 1 July 2021

Congratulations on the success of sir/madam/madam. Hopefully you will give a more excellent contribution in the future in realizing the vision and mission of iDEC in particular and UPM in particular. 🏆🥇🎖️
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Congratulations to all new iDEC staff. Hopefully will be able to carry out the task well in the Application Development Division (BPA), iDEC UPM.

Muhammad Haziq bin Anuar Saiful Hairi bin Ahmad Tarmizi Sitti Syarah binti Maharani

Application Operations Division:

  1. Appointment of Deputy Head of Division
    Mr. Ahri Sogok (Application Operation and Implementation)
    Ts. Rostam Abu Bakar (Database and Big Data)
  2. Appointment of Operations Manager
    Zurayawati Sulaiman
    Abdul Wahid Mohd Sidik
    Mohd Nor Hisham Che Jaafar
  3. Division staff change - establishment of the Assistant Information Technology Officers Pool of Application Operation Division

Transition of Rosnizah Mohamad Basri from BPA to BOA
Transition of Nurul Huda Yahya from BMI to BOA
Transition of Norhasliza Ghazali from BMI to BOA

Application Development Division:

Change of staff for the Assistant Information Technology Officer - Transfer of Rosnizah Mohamad Basri from BPA to BOA
Change of staff of the Information Technology Officer assembly - Transfer of Mohamad Izuan Ab. Razak from BOA to BPA

Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction Division >> Name change to Communication and Multimedia Division (BKM)

Transfer of Human-Computer Interaction Section staff to Application Operations Division

Transition of Zurayawati Sulaiman to BOA
Transition of Nurul Huda Yahya to BOA
Transition of Norhasliza Ghazali to BOA


Smart Campus Innovation Division >> Name change to Smart Campus Digitization Division (BPKP)

Section Closing:

Application Operations Section
Data and Application Implementation Section
Human-Computer Interaction Section

Welcome to the Infocomm Development Center (iDEC) to Mr. Mohammad Alif bin Mohammad Allaudin, Information Technology Officer (Contract) who started working at iDEC on 23 July 2021. En. Mohammad Alif will be in the Application Development Division.

Welcome to the Information and Communication Development Center (iDEC) to
- En. Mohamad Illyas Md Yassin, Information Technology Officer (Permanent)
- Pn. Syazwani Mat Hattar@Mohd Hatta, Information Technology Officer (Permanent)
- Pn. Nazila Ya’akob, Executive Officer 2 (Contract)
- Pn. Noor Nadhiya Mohammad, Executive Officer 2 (Contract)
who began enrolling in iDEC on December 1, 2021 and is stationed in the Application Development Division, iDEC Gamma.
Appointment and Internal Staff Structuring at the Information and Communication Development Center (iDEC) effective 9 May 2022
such as the following information:-

Appointments & Transfers:
1. En. Muhammad Fadzli Ariffin as Project Manager in the Application Development Division effective 15 April 2022.
2. En. Ku Haizal Ku Halim as the Head of ICT, Forestry and Social Science Section at BSP effective 15 April 2022.
3. En. Ahmad Faisal Abdul Ghafar as the Deputy Head of Business Analytics and Data Division at BPA
4. Pn. Rahayu Hashim as Operations Manager at BOA

1. Ts. Sayid Mohamad Nazari Sayid Ismail as the Head of the Network Section
2. Ts. Wan Hafizi Wan Umar as the Head of ICT Security Section

1. En. Mohd Haniff Jaafar from BPA to the Smart Campus & Digitization Division
2. Pn. Siti Sarah Ab Karim BPG to the Application Operations Division
3. Pn. Lailawati Idris from BPG to the Administration Division
4. Pn. Sharifah Harazmariana Syed Hardan from BPG to the Administration Division
5. Pn. Siti Salbiah Othman from BPA to ICT Planning & Governance Division

Notice to iDEC:
- Establishment of a new Section - ICT Security Section
- Change the name of the Network & ICT Security Section to the Network Section

Promotion and Confirmation in Staff Services at the Infocommunication Development Center (iDEC) as per the following information:-


1. Mr. Aris Yatim promoted to Grade N11 Operations Assistant to Grade N14 effective July 1, 2022.

2. Mr. Kamal Sufian Othman promoted to Assistant Information Technology Officer Grade FA29 to Grade FA32 effective June 30, 2022.

Authentication in Services:

1. Mrs. Sitti Syarah Maharani confirmation in service as Assistant Information Technology Officer Grade FA29

2. Mr. Saiful Hairi Ahmad Tarmizi confirmation in service as Assistant Information Technology Officer Grade FA29

3. Mr. Muhammad Haziq Anuar confirmation in service as Assistant Information Technology Officer Grade FA29

4. Mrs. Nurul Fatihah Md Marham confirmation in service as Information Technology Officer Grade F41

Congratulations to all who hope to be able to contribute more brilliantly in the future to realize the vision and mission of the University.

Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan
03 97691990
03 97693003