How I can apply services from iDEC?  

You will need to fill up the online application form through Sistem Perkhidmatan ICT (

What to do if ICT equipment is not functioning, such as printers (can not print)? 

Officers must complete an application form on-line repair in Fill in the online form according to the problems that you face.

I forgot my e-claim password, who can help me? 

Please email to

How can I distribute information to all UPM staff?

To distribute information for all UPM staff, email the content to The content will be reviewed by PSPK before emailed to UPM staff (UPM staff only).

How to apply for an UPM domain for conference or seminar purposes?

The application must be approved by the Director, Centre of Corporate Strategy and Relations (PSPK) and attached together with the application through the Sistem Perkhidmatan ICT (SPICT).

If there is a problem with the UPMet system, who should be contacted?

For complaints related to PutraODL please contact the system administrator at 03-89593408 or email

Who should be consulted if you are unable to carry forward your annual leave ? 

Application to carry forward the annual leave need to be escalated to each PTJ’s clerk.
If it is unable to be resolved in PTJ, please inform the Office of the Registrar.

If a bulletin that I send to the Bulletin of the UPM is not published, who should I consult? 

Any problem related to UPM Bulletin shall be referred to Mrs. Mariam at 03 9769 6013.

I can't access to Putra Blast!

The problem occur either:

  • status 'drop' - either not registering subject or not paying fees. Students need to deal with School of Graduate Studies. Once the status 'drop' change to 'continue', students can access the Putra Blast 
  • students forgot password / wrong password - please access
  • system technical problems - will referred to the relevant section
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    Why is my information not updated in the Putra Research and Innovation Management System (PRIMS)?

    Please email to or

    Why is my profile not displaying any information and can not edit?

    Please email the problem to or contact 03 9769 6136/6139.

    How to use Putra Research & Innovation Management System?

    Click here for user guideline.

    Who's incharge for Putra Blast Helpdesk?

    Access to Putra Blast webpage at the Helpdesk menu (

    What is my ID for e-Tender UPM System?
    How do I know the status of a company whether it's registered with UPM?
    List of officer's in charge for the eRO system :

    How to update my personal UPM website ( ?

    Please click here for user guideline.

    Who is the officer responsible if I have problems with E-Claim?

    If the complaint e-claims: Email to or contact 03-9769 6610

    What is the list of licensed software provided by the iDEC that can be used by employees or students at UPM ? 

    Please click here for the list of available software licensed at UPM.

    Can Office 365 software be used forever?

    Once staff/students are no longer in service/study at UPM, Office 365 can not be used. The software uses UPM-ID data. If status is not active, software and systems in UPM can not be used or accessed.

    How to install Office 365?

    Please click here for Office 365 installation guideline.

    I have tried install according to the guideline but failed to "reset the password". What should I do?

    For UPM staff (Active status) Please request via Sistem Perkhidmatan ICT (SPICT) and input the details in the requested form :

  • Name :
  • Staff Number :
  • Faculty :
  • UPM Email :
  • Handphone Number :
  • For UPM students (Active status)  If failed to register, please email your details to You will receive temporary password from Office 365 admin via your UPM email.
  • Name :
  • Matrics Nu. :
  • Faculty : 
  • UPM Email :
  • Mobile Phone Number : 
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    Can Power BI invitations be made to organizations outside UPM? (via share or microsoft team)? Is there a Power BI pro or premium User license account provided by UPM?

  • It can't be. Can only be shared within UPM organizations (Power BI Pro/premium Only those who can share with external organizations) ** can export to web or share PBIX files.
  • No, UPM only offers the Power BI Basic account available in the M365

    “I am a contract staff. After my contract is renew, I could not login to my email. The following message appear : invalid username or password". 

    This problem occurs because the Registrar Officer has not activated your status. Please contact the Appointment and Recruitment Section, Registrar's Office if you encounter this problem.

    I already change my UPM ID but i have a problem to open my email with new password. Who can solve this problem? 

    This problem you can refer to iDEC Helpdesk 9769 1990 or email to

    How to access UPM student's email?

    Login using UPM-ID once you have access these URL

    What can I do if forgot my UPM Email password?

    Staff :

  • access
  • click at the UPM-ID menu
  • click at the "Click here for UPM Staff" under "Forgot Password"
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    What type of package is used by UPM email account?

    Email UPM uses the G suite for Education package only and there may be limited access to certain functions.

    I am a UPM student who will graduate. Can I still access student email?

    UPM students who will graduate can still access the email until graduation. If the student has completed the learning session and has graduate status, the email will not be accessible. Students who have graduated and want to re-access UPM email, official application with justification should be forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) or Admission Division and Academic Governance Division.

    Someone has sent an email to an individual or group of emails (group). Can the email be undoed or deleted?

    Emails that have been sent cannot be removed or undo unless the user has set a time for undo message (maximum 30second).

    What if a group of researchers wants to apply to create a group email to facilitate and facilitate the delivery of information among the researchers involved? Can part-time staff also apply for UPM e-mail?

    Researchers and part-time staff can apply for a UPM e-mail account and need to go through the Head of Researcher (research) or Head of Department (part-time staff).

  • Download the UPM Email Application Form through the iDEC website ( Layanan_E-mel_UPM_(25_Jun_2021).pdf)
  • Send the complete form via email (Director of iDEC)
  • After obtaining approval, complete the application through SPICT ( and attach the UPM E-mail Application Form that has been approved by the Director of iDEC

    When will UPM-ID activate if I report my duty today?

    Through the use of the Lapordiri System, UPM-ID is activated on the day of staffing at the respective PTJs, but the usefulness of UPM-ID is to support the Secretariat in the Office of the Registrar to implement the file copying process (the process of entering / transferring employee records, jobs etc. into the EIHRAMS System).

    When I can use the e-Punch system (new staff/renew contract) ?

    All systems using UPM-ID can be used if the UPM-ID has been activated.

    Is it true that online reporting is now being implemented? Will it speed up the UPM-ID activation period?

    An online reporting system works to automate staff reporting processes, quickly or independently depending on the verification / verification process made by the Secretariat at the PTJ and at the Registrar's Office.

    How I can change UPM-ID password?

    UPM Staff and Student : please access

    How to activate my UPM-ID?

    Please refer to the Guideline :

  • UPM Staff
  • UPM Students
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    What are the systems accessed using UPM-ID (SSO)?

    The system can be accessed using UPM-ID, can be checked via the UPM Putra Portal.

    Can I use the same mail aliases if I (UPM ex student) continue my studies as a Master / PhD student in UPM?


    If there is a problem related to PutraODL, who should I contact

    For complaints related to PutraODL please contact the system administrator at 03-89593408 or email

    How do I (Enumerator/RA) access UPM network because I do not have UPM-ID?

    Supervisor/Lecturer must send an official letter of confirmation containing information regarding Enumerator/RA under supervision for registering ID manually. Email to and copy to Head of ICT Section PTJ. Please state in the official letter the following information:

  • Name:
  • Identification card number :
  • Email Enumerator / RA:
  • Project Duration:
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    How to access UPM network?

    Please click here for more information.

    How to access Eduroam? Can students use the Eduroam? Please tell me the format of the ID when UPM students use eduroam. Is it UPM-ID?

  • Edu Roam - User Manual (Android)
  • Edu Roam - User Manual (iPhone)
  • Yes, students can use Eduroam. Login using UPM-ID.

    Where can I get the "We Love UPM" song?

    This song can be accessed at UPM You Tube.

    What is the proper medium for online meetings or teaching?

    There are several methods that can be used for the purpose of holding meetings, activities or teaching and learning online. The InfoComm Development Center (iDEC) has provided a special website for the Video Conference medium guide which can be accessed via the URL

    Does UPM have the ethics to have a Video Conference?

    Yes we do, please click here.

    Does UPM have guidelines for video conferencing?

    Yes, for reference please click here.

    How to use video conferencing for meeting or class activities?

    For guidance on using video conferencing, notes can be accessed via the following link:

  • Webex
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Team
  • Zoom
  • Big Blue Button

    How to dispose of ICT assets?

  • Refer to the GUIDELINES FOR ASSETS DISPOSAL  which can be accessed through the UPM Quality Management System.
  • Refer to PTJ Asset Officer
  • Refer to the ICT Section that supervises the PTJ for the affairs of the ICT Officer who can sign the PEP form.
  • Further action is at the level of PTJ and Bursar Office
  • Updated:: 10/01/2023 [nazlina]

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