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UTM : Digital Lifestyle

UTM has set a goal to accelerate its achievements to the levels envisaged in UTM's Third University Global Plan (PGU III) and UTM enVision 2025. Thus, accelerated governance and high-performance delivery are a prerequisite for strategic positioning and branding. The mega-lifestyle ecosystem is focused on meeting the goals. To enhance competitiveness, the creation of a mega lifestyle is facilitated through digital applications and Internet of Thing (IoT) campus life initiatives towards the Internet of Campus.

CICT is committed to creating a better quality of life and campus environment for all residents using ICT applications and making the campus cashless. The campus life experience also needs to be transformed. In addition, to make UTM competitive internationally, productivity and sustainability are enhanced by the adoption of ICT and Internet of Thing (IoT) intelligence services.

Digital applications powered to support UTM Digital Lifestyle are Digital Services, Digital Learning and Digital Work Style. Existing digital infrastructure has been strengthened by tier-3 Data Centers. All three mentioned digital applications are facilitated by the UTMSMART mobile application as one of the initiatives to translate the digital lifestyle, UTM Digital Lifestyle.

UTMSMART is powered by the Digital ID CQRC (Colored QR Code) for all students / staff and services. UTMSmart's payment platform has an innovative Multiple Payment platform of two "SMS Gateway" and "Payment Gateway" (UTM registered Intellectual Property) channels for mobile transactions for digital campuses.

Recordings of lecture attendance by CQRC scans using the UMTSMART application have been successfully implemented with the launch of the Chancellor's Monthly Meetings in February 2018. UTMSMART's functionality has expanded to 14 modules in the second version to date has reached 22 modules covering the use of lecturers, students and all UTM staff.

Among the most important modules in the latest version of UTMSMART are applications, support and approval of UTM staff leave. All of the activities in this holiday break can be used in UTMSMART. This facility has reduced the delay in approval of leave by graduates and supporters. A review of the applicants' leave history can also be reviewed through the application.

In conclusion, the UTMSMART application has transformed some of the previously complex work processes into more complex and simplified work processes.


Biodata :

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Murtadha bin Mohamad, is Deputy Director of Application Development Management, Information Technology and Communication Center (CICT), University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). He previously held the position of Academic Fellow, Infrastructure Management and Operations Division until March 31, 2018. He is the son of Johor Bahru, Johor.

Commenced civil service at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) as Assistant Lecturer, DS41 on January 1, 2000 after completing a Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in December 2000. In 2003, he was appointed Lecturer after graduating with a Master of Embedded System Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom. Continuing her PhD at the same university from the same university In 2012, she received the IDEAS 2 Innovation and Design for Euro-Asian Scholars Scholarship Award-Erasmus Mundus Action 2. In this IDEAS program, she conducted 3-month staff mobility at Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands until the end of 2006 and was awarded his doctorate in 2007.

He has nearly 12 years of experience in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in computer systems and computer networks. During that time, he attended the Infosys Foundation program in Mysore India for 4 months in collaboration with MDeC and company Infosys Ltd. India in 2007. He was subsequently appointed as the Single Point of Contact (SPoC) by the Ministry of Higher Education until August 2012 to organize and organize the Infosys Foundation program in Malaysia.

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