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i-MAGBOOK : Judging of the Read@Uni UPM Reading Corner Award 2022



Serdang, 12 September 2022 : A Reading Corner Judging Session of Read@Uni 2022, was conducted at 9.30 am to 10.00 am at iDEC Alpha, Infocomm Development Center (iDEC) and was led by Mr. Khairul Anwar Zulkifli and Ms. Nazibah Kamaruddin from the Library Sultan Abdul Samad (PSAS).

Starting in 2022 this competition will be known as the Read@Uni UPM Reading Corner Award with 5 winners according to group. The evaluation criteria for this year's award consists of 5 criteria, namely Creativity and Innovation, Activity, Promotion, Implementation Impact and Space.

iDEC has planned and ensured the implementation of scientific activities such as Sembang Santai@iDEC can continue, while in-door sports activities such as Checkers, Chess and Congkak Competitions can also be carried out in the iDEC Reading Corner. This encourages all iDEC citizens in particular to use the facilities in this corner fully in addition to promoting the ongoing book campaign. So far the campaigns carried out are "Reading While Collecting Reward Points Campaign" and "Kempen Infaq Ilmu - Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader".

Every activity and campaign carried out will be channeled to various social media mediums as a promotion to iDEC citizens, especially to participate and contribute more interesting ideas, including:

  • The iDEC Read@Uni website, coinciding with the Read@Uni campaign, the iDEC Reading Corner 2022 was given a new look to house information and current activity info
  • QR Code, notification to iDEC residents by scanning the code to obtain a list of books and reading materials available at the iDEC Reading Corner
  • Youtube, Relaxed Chat Sessions - book review held every Wednesday at 4.00 pm,
  • Zoom, using the zoom meeting application during the session recording is conducted for the involvement of iDEC members
  • Facebook, uses Facebook social media to deliver promotional information and activities
  • Whatapps, using social media WhatApps Group 1iDEC and IDEC OFFICIAL INFO as a medium of information and announcement of activities
  • i-magbooksv2, provides an online service to enable iDEC residents to borrow and obtain information from the books found in the iDEC Reading Corner. Access to the book is provided with a picture of the book cover and an interesting summary of the synopsis to encourage the reader's interest.

To ensure that readers in this corner are more comfortable and relaxed when in this corner, the provision of a more conducive space for reading and suitable for leisure activities. In addition, the layout of the furniture according to the space has been improved to ensure comfort and maintain the tidiness of the space.

The support and cooperation of iDEC management and all iDEC citizens in particular has made the implementation of activities and campaigns successful and has had a positive impact.

Prepared by : Shamiza Sharif

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