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PutraBLAST and PutraMOOC

Online learning at UPM is intensified through the Academic Transformation initiative. PutraMOOC, which uses the Australia-based Open Learning platform, was first developed in late 2013. The collaboration between the Center for Academic Development (CADe) and the Center for Information and Communication Development (iDEC) has successfully developed PutraBLAST in 2015.

Students can access materials, activities and assessments online with the implementation of blended learning modes through the PutraBLAST and PutraMOOC platforms. Virtual lectures can be conducted synchronously using online conferencing and chat applications. Online assessment is implemented with the use of quizzes, forums, assignments or interactive content. Students are encouraged to produce content online in addition to reports. Online attendance is calculated based on the diversity of teaching mediums such as proof of student participation and the use of online attendance functionality.

Improvements to PutraBLAST and PutraMOOC were implemented in September 2019 where the PutraBLAST engine was upgraded to Moodle version 3.5 and PutraMOOC was moved to a new server platform developed and administered internally. PutraBLAST has been used by all categories of students at UPM, namely Pre-University, Pre-Graduate and Graduate.



Improvements to support and facilitate the PdP process can be implemented as follows: -

(i) The proposed improvement of PutraBLAST server performance of 150 CPU capacity, 1000G RAM and 100TB of storage size through Putra®Cloud Phase 2 has been approved and will be implemented in the first (1) and second (2) quarters of 2021. This improvement is to ensure smooth online PdP activities at the University
(ii) PdP video content is placed on YouTube channel to ensure faster access
(iii) The Smart Campus project proposal which is the implementation of SmartClassRoom NO ClassRoom can improve the quality of eLearning teaching delivery with the concept of open PdP (AnyWhere, AnyTime & AnyDevice) in line with the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This implementation will make UPM a campus in line with the implementation requirements of the IoT and the Industrial Revolution 4.0


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